Service Learning

I am doing my service learning project at the SMC Legacy Garden.  I was able to do a variety of things in the garden, but the one thing that really stuck out to me while working in the garden and relates to my research topic was, SMC’s water source and how much water we use at the garden. I was unaware of how I was going to relate my service learning to Hetchy Hetchy, but SMC legacy garden uses water everyday to keep the garden alive.  At the legacy garden expert: Julie discovered an underground spring by one of the water beds.  At the legacy garden we conserve as much water as we can, and we do not let it go to waste.  Eventhough my service learning doesn’t directly relate to Hetch Hetchy I feel that helping out the community and doing your part will help solve the little problems with our environment in our own community.  By taking little steps in our own communities we have a better chance of making a change to bigger environmental issues. Today while at the garden there was a man who was putting in a pipe system underground into the greenhouse.  Because they were putting water into the greenhouse they had to shut off the gardens water supply.  fortunately Julie had water saved from when it rained in big tubs so we were able to use this water to water all the plants in the greenhouse.  If Julie did not save this water and reuse water the plants could have all been dried out and dead. Overall my experience in the SMC legacy garden has been wonderful, I have even began to grow my own tomato plants on my balcony at my apartment.  I believe if we all help in the garden at SMC we could reduce our carbon footprint and reduce harm to the environment.

Pictures of us all hard at work in the garden!!


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