Welcome to my Blog!! My name is Katelyn LaRussa and I currently attend Saint Mary’s College in Moraga.  I am doing a research project on Hetch Hetchy and San Fransisco’s water sources.  My main concern is… Was it necessary for San Franciscans to build the O’Shaughnessy Dam ? Cannot SF and Bay area residents get their water from a different source? LET’S RESTORE HETCH HETCHY!  It was unnecessary to build this monstrous dam in Yosemite National Park.  San Franciscans and Bay area residents have plenty of other areas where they can get water.  Hetch Hetchy is a glacial valley in Yosemite National Park.  The park is located in California, and is currently completely flooded by O’Shaughnessy Dam. This forms the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir.  This reservoir is the primary source for the San Fransisco bay areas drinking water and it is a major energy source.  The reservoir provides energy and water to over 2.4 million people in the San Francisco, San Mateo County, Alameda County, and the San Joaquin Valley.  We must restore Hetch Hetchy back to its natural beauty.  Check out my History page to learn more about the Hetch Hetchy valley and how it came to be largest single body of water in ALL of the Yosemite valley.


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